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Pet Odor Detection & Removal

We love our furry friends but when they have trouble making their mess outside, it can become problematic. Whether it is old age, excitement, an internal issue or just a plain accident pet urine can cause quite the stink; literally. Not only can it leave your carpet discolored but it may cause your entire house to smell. So what should you do?  Call Zito’s Carpet Care at 619-770-9467 for pet urine detection and removal.

What's The Process?

If you are unsure of where the odor is coming from, our technician will arrive in the evening to inspect your carpet. This will allow the use of a specialized black light. Upon finding the location of the urine damage, the technician will mark the areas to make them easily seen in the daytime. When they complete their investigation, our technician will do a walk through with you so that you may discuss the proper method of treatment. Depending on the severity of permeation, the carpet, padding and sub-flooring may need to be replaced.